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#CancelSeXXXEd: The Biggest Threat to Your Children Is Not on Netflix

by Beck Ewing

Would you like for your children to be exposed to these ideas over the internet?

Ideas on What to Do If Bored During COVID

1. Sexting: read more on the subject and how to do it

2. Solo Sex (aka Masturbating): got questions? Here’s the link to show you how

3. Porn: Despite mixed messages about porn, it is often a healthy part of people’s sexuality. Find out why young people can watch porn and what they can learn from it. Interested in watching porn? Click here.

4. Go online: Social media is full of sex experts who are sharing resources on mental health, how to use sex toys, tips for dirty talk, communication and consent, how, race, class, gender, and power show up in sexuality. Check out some of these amazing educators

What if I were to tell you that this is the newest social media hotspot for kids sponsored by Neflix?

But it’s not....

It’s a part of the newest school curriculum for grades Kindergarten and up within the majority of states this year.

Yes, as early as Kindergarten, they teach children that they are sexual beings from birth and encourages them to explore their sexuality not only on their own selves, but on each other.

If you were to hand this curriculum's material to a neighbor's child, you could be arrested. But this curriculum flies under the legal radar since they labeled it "educational artistry." If you can't give your child this material, your school shouldn't be able to either.

Where did this curriculum come from?

In 2008, WHO Regional Office for Europe wrote a prototype of the current curriculum called “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe.” Activities included exploring “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body” for 4 year old students. UNESCO then tested and experimented with a version of the curriculum in Africa. It taught that sexuality and masturbation starts from birth and instructs students on all forms of sex: vaginal, oral, and anal.

This curriculum now published under the name International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education has been voted as standardized curriculum in American public schools in 27 states, some as a statewide mandate as in California.

And of course, Planned Parenthood is backing and partnering with this agenda.

A clip of Brainwashed: The Radical Sex Agenda Corrupting Your Kid is available on YouTube.

Why are they doing this?


- Corruption of traditional family morals deconstructs family loyalties.

Mom and Dad simply don’t get it, but you do....I mean, we do. You can’t tell them now you’ve done what you’ve done...but don’t worry, we’ll help and protect you.

- People who are immoral are easier to control and corrupt further.

Pornography and perversion darkens the mind and the soul, making it easier to be enslaved to more lies. Plus, now children slavishly loyal to those who have led them into sexual awareness are groomed for future dark actions like violence and aggression.

It comes down to the three typical evils:

The Love of Money

If young people have sex at younger and younger ages, more and more younger girls are going to get pregnant which increases clientele for abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood. Baby deaths fuel their organization. Watch Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director, explain how they emotionally manipulate and push sex and birth control in middle school, hoping to secure at least 3 abortions per woman by the time they’re 30.

Also, when your school adopts this curriculum, it receives additional Federal funding. Yes, your federal tax dollars are rewarding schools for adopting this evil agenda. Hard to pass that up.


How can you break apart nations and set up a new world order? Break down all familial and traditional beliefs and values. Turn the children against their parents and nation. Corrupt them from an early age and enslave them to your ideology and influence using addicting and dehumanizing perversions. Doesn’t sound like a crazy conspiracy theory anymore does it?


Various events and evidence show that child sex trafficking has been organized to fulfill the desire of rich and powerful pedophiliacs across America. From Epstein to abused Hollywood child stars, sexual exploitation and child abuse plagues our entertainment and political undergrounds.

After years of normalizing sexual oddities and perversions, the newest sexual decent into hell to be embraced is pedophilia. Why else would we be teaching children that they are sexual from birth? Is it coincidence that California has recently lowered its punishment against having sex with underage children?

What can you do? provides a Non-Consent form for parents to submit to their child’s permanent school file (look under SeXXXeducation). This form explicitly names the topics and organizations that produce offensive curriculum and request that they supply alternative curriculum to your child during such times that any said topics or curriculum were being presented.

While the form may not be a legally binding in every state, it can provide evidence and legal use for organizations who assist in filing lawsuits against schools. It can also be helpful if you present complaints at school board or other school related meetings.

The website also lists organizations that are fighting against Comprehensive Sex Education so that you can connect with the cause against CSE.

Other suggestions:

  • If your children are schooling at home due to COVID restrictions, listen in on their school lessons, watch and review all the links, suggested activities, and instructional material given through their learning portals.

  • Talk with your children about issues like abortion, birth control/contraceptives, sexual activity, sexual orientation and transgenderism that may be brought up in school. Tell them to let you know if their teachers or materials include any of these subjects and let you know about them. Warn them that the teacher may indicate that they shouldn’t tell you about these subjects or may hint that you may not understand.

  • Pull your children out of public schools. Homeschool, consider private school, sign up for online schooling, invent other creative alternatives for schooling. I know that life is busy, but having the assurance that your children will not be using corrupting curriculum is much better than having to remain continually vigilant and/or struggle to heal a damaged child.

  • Stand up for the youth in America. Even if you don’t have kids in public school, speak out against this curriculum in your local public school that your tax dollars won’t be used to fund child abuse. Our future and the future world of our children depends on whether this evil initiative succeeds or fails.

Austin, Texas has adopted this CSE curriculum, but the decision for the state has been postponed twice since parents and other concerned citizens showed up to protest it. Unfortunately, Governor Abbot has chosen to defer responsibility of this issue and to not take action against this agenda. There will be another hearing to adopt the curriculum in early November.

Even if your entire state has not adopted this curriculum, it may still be used by your local district. So be careful to investigate for yourself. For instance, you could check through your online school portals whether the curriculum they use is written by organizations listed on the website as offensive.

I am personally encouraged by the push back that many parents and responsible citizens are expressing against Netflix for their promotion of “Cuties” and pedophilia-gratuitous material. But your school could be instructing your kids to participate in the same behavior or worse. Let’s use that same outrage and willingness to act against this SeXXXeducation.

Far too long have we tolerated the corrupting, anti-God agendas our public schools push. If we don’t act now, we’ll lose our children’s souls as well as the soul of our nation. Evil is on the move, so should we.

For more information about the corrupt agendas of our educational system, read “Standing Up to Goliath” by Rebecca Freidrichs

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