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Soldier's Creed

I am a soldier.

A good soldier endures pain, loss, and hardship without complaint. He knows his life isn't about what pleases him or what gives him comfort. It's about fighting for a higher cause.

A good soldier does not put his family above his duty. He understands that his service to humanity will be for his family's ultimate good though not for their immediate comfort. In the fight, he only has fellow soldiers that he will not let down, that he will also protect, and even sacrifice himself for.

A good soldier is completely submitted to his Commander. He does not choose his objective, rather he waits for his Commander's instructions. When the Commander gives an order, he does not complain, question, or delay. Every order is carried out with intensity, resolve, excellence, and commitment no matter the personal cost to himself. A good soldier lives to please his Commander.

A good soldier never let's the enemy catch him unaware or unprepared. He never leaves his armor or weaponry behind or unattended. He doesn't let the enemy discourage him, play with his mind, or break down his defenses. He seeks to know his enemy and his tactics to best defeat him. He seeks to know his own weapons and abilities to be the most effective he can be.

The good soldier does not care if his life is mundane, seemingly insignificant, or expendable. He considers his life already forfeit, and his glory is just in the serving, not in being promoted.

A good soldier's life is simply impassioned, consistent, sacrificial service. It is not about their personal happiness, but faithfulness, effectiveness, dedication, sacrifice, honor, integrity, service for the happiness and security of others and for the completion of the mission of the Commander.

I am a soldier of Jesus Christ. May I someday be considered a good one.

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