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Psychologist Discovers Humans Can Develop Memories Even at Conception

Are we making memories even in the womb?

This week, Beck Ewing interviewed Terri LaPoint- a pro-life and family activist. After decades of feeling worthless, having disturbing, chronic nightmares, and unexplained phobias, Terri felt that every struggle made sense when she discovered the truth that not only had she survived an abortion, but also that she had a twin sister that did not survive.

Because of her experience being a doula, Terri had become interested in the science of prenatal psychology, a study of what children are capable of in the womb. Terri told of a psychologist, Dr. David Chamberlain, who through hypnotherapy tried to resolve traumas arising in the womb and at birth. When he began this journey, he was not a believer in life from conception, but after numerous accounts of clients demonstrating that birth memories were reliable memories (some demonstrating proof of memories at conception), Dr. Chamberlain spent the rest of his life testifying to the reality of human experience in its earliest stages.

In his book Windows to the Womb: Revealing the Whole Baby from Conception to Birth, Dr. Chamberlain tells of clients who had memories of events and conversations that happened exclusively while they were in the womb. Through separated interviews, he would verify these events and conversations with the parents who were shocked at their child’s knowledge of them.

For instance, a client struggled with feelings and knowledge that she should have been a boy and not a girl; in a separate interview, the surprised parents revealed that they did discuss the fact they had wished the baby had been a boy, but never told their daughter anything regarding their earlier wish once she was born.

How early can children have memories in the womb?

Terri explained that Dr. David Chamberlain said in his book The Mind of Your Newborn Baby that “babies are capable of memory even before there are brain cells to account for them on a physiological level.” Terri pointed out that this evidence supports the Biblical truth that we are souls from conception!

How early can babies feel pain?

In the podcast, Beck Ewing and Terri also discussed how that Live Action News reported that scientific studies reveal that babies can feel pain as early as eight weeks and not just at twenty as the 20 Weeks Pain Capable Bill purports.

And much of this evidence is not new. A movie made by a former abortion provider and surgeon, Robert P. N. Shearin, documents an 11-week-old baby recoiling from abortion instruments, showing the fear and pain that babies can experience even within the first trimester. This movie The Silent Scream shows this baby moving in terror away from the suction machine. You can watch it here.

Terri explained that babies at earlier stages of development feel pain even more intensely because of their size and because their brains have not developed the protective pain barriers that older humans have to manage intense pain.

Live Action concludes, “The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, even if it passes, will not be able to protect all preborn children from feeling the pain of abortion, as we now know that they experience it much earlier than 20 weeks.”

All of these evidences show that we can commit horrible mistakes when we base our legislation upon man’s understanding of science and political wisdom rather than on the unchanging truths of God’s Word that tells us plainly that we are souls from conception. Every time we think we understand the development of a human within the womb, we discover more proofs of life and development of personality and function at earlier and earlier stages.

Just as in Genesis 1 when God declared that there would be light without the sun or other stars’ presence, so He declares a soul’s life before there is a fully-developed body to house it within the womb.

It’s time for Christians to take courage in promoting legislation that defends babies from conception, agreeing with the current science and most importantly, the Word of God that tells us that these children are persons and aware from birth. You can read more about Personhood legislation here.

You can hear this podcast by clicking here

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